Papazoglou IEK/L.L.C. 2, with a sense of responsibility towards the future of its students, takes care to provide them with specialized, quality education, at all levels of knowledge that should be possessed by a Professional Hairdresser as well as a Professional Beautician of tomorrow with business concerns.

In addition to the sector of hairdressing, in the sector of Aesthetics, we collaborate with renowned make-up artists in the field of showbiz, organizing fashion and beauty events, as well as with major companies in the field of Make-up and Manicure-Pedicure-Onychoplasty.

Through our strategic partnerships, we provide important internship opportunities for all trainees, while at the same time creating the working conditions for our graduates.

Our top partners are always by our side, allies and companions in our work, which aims at the Employment and Success of our graduates.

Developing this benefit, we offer continuous seminars for alumnus and practicing professionals of the field, aiming at the maximization of their abilities, so that they are more competitive and immediately active in the market.