In IEK Papazoglou, we believe that  Internship constitutes a corner stone  for complete training  of thousands of young persons that choose us for their studies, thus we make sure that we ensure for all an internship that corresponds absolutely in the object of their study  in the most modern enterprises!

According to Article 23 of Law 4186 published in Government Gazette No. Sheet 193 (17 September 2013),  the internship is mandatory for each trainee and it constitutes part of the total study in IEK

Internship offers in  “budding” professionals  the essential labor experience in order to they make their first start in the labor market and constitutes the basis on which they begin “to build” their CV.
Through the internship, the senior students of IEK Papazoglou come into substantial contact with their profession, learn alongside top professionals and begin to build an important network of contacts, the existence of which contributes significantly to their success.

The selection of the internship position is made in collaboration with the trainees themselves and their teachers, always based on the professional goals of each trainee.

With the support of a strong network of collaborators, our graduating trainees do not start their careers by accident!

On the contrary, they possess a competitive advantage against alumnus from other IEK,  as they are placed in positions strictly oriented to their specialty, in the largest companies in their industry, while many times the internship ensures them  permanent employment , since they are distinguished by the employers for the high level of training that they have received in IEK Papazoglou!