Professional Makeup Training

Makeup has been known since ancient times.

Today, the art of makeup has special requirements and many applications: It can start with a simple beauty make-up and reach a perfect face makeover. It possesses the character of creation and imagination, that touches upon the limits of figurative arts. The art of make-up is found in continuous development, with unlimited possibilities in the field of theatre, cinema, television, advertising, fashion and photography.

The sectors that develop rapidly and need specific professional qualifications are those of fashion and body painting, as well as the modern audiovisual art that uses particular special effects.

Employment prospects

As a graduate of the "Professional Makeup" seminar of Papazoglou L.L.C. 2, you are able to work:

  • in hair salons
  • TV Channels
  • in magazines (artist covers, presentations, etc.)
  • in cinema
  • in theatre
  • in fashion shootings
  • in photography studios

as a freelance makeup artist with your own studio