The seminar for men-children hairdressing of Papazoglou L.L.C. 2 is ideal for you who want to specialise in men's haircuts and any other men's hair care. Practice helps you get used to working conditions faster. All work is performed initially on dolls and then on customers - models.

Papazoglou L.L.C. 2 continues dynamically while also provides you with all the essential professional supplies for an immediate employment prospect and a brilliant career!

Employment prospects

As a graduate of the seminar "Specialized hairdressing program (Men-Children)" of Papazoglou L.L.C. 2, you are able to work:

  • in hair salons
  • in hair care centers
  • in companies producing and marketing cosmetics for hair care
  • in well-known hotel chains
  • in branded hair salon chains
  • on TV
  • in magazines (artist covers, presentations, etc.)
  • in cinema
  • in theatre,

in advertising (production companies)