Trends in the fashion industry are constantly changing, affecting the whole world of beauty. New styles and ideas for grooming and appearance are constantly appearing. Each decade has a special stylistic feature that distinguishes it from the previous ones. After all, who does not remember the short hair of the women of the 20's and the men of the period, with the brilliant cream or the shiny brigantine? The women of the '40s with the curls and punk haircut of the' 70s or the mane of the '80s?

  • Start your hairdressing career today! Now that the demands for skilled and competent professionals, with imagination, are increasing.
  • Discover the hairdressing art and learn its secrets from the market professionals.

In today's society where hair care plays an important role in everyone's life, the profession of hairdresser acquires special dimensions. New perspectives and opportunities open up in the profession. New techniques, developments in the technology of materials but also in the way they are applied.

In IEK PAPAZOGLOU we specialize for more than thirty years in the field of beauty, having practically staffed with hairdressers almost all modern hair care centers of Crete, hairdressers, advertising companies, cosmetic hair care companies. Our students are trained in the real conditions of an aesthetic workshop while at the same time they participate in the voluntary program of social offer that we organize, providing free of charge services in the public. Our goal, for all trainees, is to gain experience, specialization and additional training

The study in the IEK lasts two (2) school years that are separated in four (4) educational semesters and one (1) semestrial period of apprenticeship in laboratorial space that can be completed during the 3rd or 4th semester or after the graduation. The trainees must be graduates of any type of Lyceum, while those students who have a degree that corresponds to the specialty, have the opportunity to join directly in the 3rd semester.

 A professional hairdresser is familiar with all the modern techniques and methods, holding an important consulting role and being the one who directs the client to a specific style and appearance.

In the frame of their work, the Hairdresser handles hairdressing machines, hairdressing tools, hair clippers, dryers, presses, special scissors, brushes as well as special products, such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, gels, paints. For this reason, the curriculum contains a range of courses that fully covers the following fields: technical and applied anatomy / physiology, dermatology, facial aesthetics, hairdressing techniques, design principles and ideas on paper, materials technology, hairdressing equipment and tools, practical application, space hygiene, security, communication, organization, administration and marketing.

Come and get to know the professionals of IEK PAPAZOGLOU and discuss with them all the details of the study program as well as the prospects that open up in your career.

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