It all started in 1990. George Papazoglou, having accumulated 30 years of experience in the field of hairdressing, realized that there is a significant gap in the training of young hairdressers in Crete. Thus, he proceeded to the establishment of Papazoglou Hairdressing School. Soon, Papazoglou Hairdressing School became one of the best Hairdressing Schools in our country, offering high quality education to young hairdressers.
Today Papazoglou IEK/L.L.C. 2, offering high quality education, is a nursery for young artists who will excel beyond the fields of hairdressing, aesthetics and podology, in makeup and hands and feet care.

Our main vision is our commitment and dedication in providing a high level of educational services, guided by the employment prospects for our students.

We faithfully follow our corporate strategy, based on which we combine the high level of education, continuous education and training, as well as the knowledge of the real conditions of competition in the labor market, which are the necessary supplies for the personal and professional success of our graduates.


the best level of education that we would demand for our own children.



with companies that hold a leading position in the labor market so that trainees can get to know their tomorrow's professional environment today.


trained professors and the most renowned professionals in the market, to transfer their knowledge and experience to the trainees.



all the professional aspirations of the trainees.



ceaselessly in infrastructure and equipment, so that we can provide up-to-date training in order to be at the center of educational and technological developments.


your own high demands for the provision of high-quality education.



the education and vocational training offered, closely monitoring the labor market and its requirements.


the culture of participation, open communication, teamwork and cooperation.