It is well known that a well-groomed and beautiful appearance begins from… our hair, consequently the art of hairdressing contributes catalytically in the realization of an attractive image !
Today, when good looks and beauty are - more than ever - a key issue for all people, Hairdressing constitutes a popular and profitable profession.
Providing the most recognized and quality studies, Papazoglou L.L.C. 2  ensures immediate employment and a well-established professional career!

Employment prospects

As a graduate of the seminar "Complete hairdressing program (Women-Men-Children)" of Papazoglou L.L.C. 2, you are able to work:

  • in hair salons
  • in hair care centers
  • in companies producing and marketing cosmetics for hair care
  • in well-known hotel chains
  • in branded hair salon chains
  • on TV
  • in magazines (artist covers, presentations, etc.)
  • in the cinema
  • in theatre,
  • in advertising (production companies)

In order to have the opportunity to acquire your own business, you must have acquired 2 years of work experience (with insurance) according to law 4386 (Government Gazette vol. A’ / sheet no. 83 / 11-5-2016).