For the first time at Papazoglou School we present the seminar for learning the method Rejuvance- natural face lifting without scalpel and with no cosmetics.

Rejuvance started as a method of relaxing expressions regarding actors, but the impressive action of this technique turned it into a natural facelift!

Main principle of Rejuvance method is that it perceives the person as an inseparable trinity, constituted from the body, the sentiment and the mind, with the beauty constituting an attribute immediately interwoven with health.

Rejuvance means renewal, rejuvenation.

The movements of this technique affect both the conjunctive and the muscular tissue of the cuticle, eliminating the imprints of the intensities that we experience in our everyday routine. According to researches, via this technique it is restored what the experts call “microcirculation” of cuticle, improving the condition of the conjunctive tissue, while the proper operation of the 2 fibrous proteins of skin, collagen and elastin is boosted. On an assembly line the natural mechanisms of hydration, structural support and circulation of oxygen and nutritious substances in the tissues of skin are activated, while at the same time the elasticity of the cuticle is improved.

Concerning the muscular tissue, the massages focus on the protrusions and appendages of the facial muscles (over 90 in number), scalp of head, neck and cleavage. The result is the stimulation, the strengthening and the release of the muscles from the accumulated tension. Wrinkles soften while the face is renewed.

In the seminar are taught:

  • connective tissue release techniques,
  • muscle release,
  • balancing the left and right sides,
  • facial exercises and energy point pressure,
  • new miraculous techniques of toning and lifting the face.

The duration of the seminar is 60 hours and takes place in 3 weekends.