In modern times, appearance has a great effect on the self-esteem of both men and women. As the standard of living increases, self-confidence becomes the most important issue regarding the daily activity and productivity of modern people.

  • Did you know that the higher the standard of living of people, the more their interest in appearance and image increases?
  • Would you like to be professionally engaged with aesthetics and makeup?
  • Are you looking for a profession to build your future?

In IEK PAPAZOGLOU we specialize for more than thirty years in the field of beauty, having practically staffed almost all the beauty salons and wellness units of Crete with beauticians and beauty consultants. Our students are trained in the real conditions of an aesthetic workshop while at the same time they participate in the voluntary program of social offer that we organize, providing free of charge services in the public. Our goal, for all trainees, is to gain experience, specialization and additional training

The study in the IEK lasts two (2) school years that are separated in four (4) educational semesters and one (1) semestrial period of apprenticeship in laboratorial space that can be completed during the 3rd or 4th semester or after the graduation. The trainees must be graduates of any type of Lyceum, while those students who have a degree that corresponds to the specialty, have the opportunity to join directly in the 3rd semester.

The rejuvenation of the face and body is the object of the professional beautician.

In the context of their work the Beautician uses special tools and instruments, such as steam machines, muscle tightening ones, infrared ones, hair removal ones, etc. as well as special products, such as moisturizers, essential oils, fruit acids, tightening and beauty masks, ampules, herbs etc. For this reason, the curriculum contains a range of courses that fully covers the following areas: anatomy, physiology, dermatology, cosmetology, facial, body and limb aesthetics, makeup, dietology, body treatments, wellness methods, aesthetic equipment and machinery, practical application, space hygiene, safety, communication, organization, administration and marketing.

Come and get to know the professionals of IEK PAPAZOGLOU and discuss with them all the details of the study program as well as the prospects that open up in your career.

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