Hands and feet care has been a care and tradition since antiquity.

The tradition continues and the professional nail artist today is recognized in the field of aesthetic care and health of hands and feet with the perfect training in the applications of treatments, techniques, decoration, nail prosthetics, taking seriously the biology of the nails.

The mainly laboratorial structure of the curriculum of this speciality, offers the trainees the opportunity to practice in any technical work in real conditions and to deal with nail diseases by proposing ways of intervention within their competence.

Employment prospects

As a graduate of the seminar "Manicure-Pedicure-Onychoplasty" of Papazoglou L.L.C. 2, you are able to work:

  • in beauty salons and aesthetics institutes
  • in hair salons
  • in spa centers
  • in podology and nail beautification centers
  • in major beauty salons

as a freelancer under conditions