Papazoglou L.L.C. 2 organizes a specialized training seminar for Security Personnel. During the seminar, online presentations, special notes, studies of cases and simulations of work are combined, aiming at a thorough education.

After the completion of the seminars, the candidates participate in the exams organized by the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA0 together with National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) for obtaining the security personnel license (Security License).

Regarding all specialties of security personnel, the basic training of 105 hours is provided, via synchronous distance education.
Private Security Personnel Specialties:
• Private Personnel Providing Security Services for Fixed Guarding
• Private Personnel Providing Security Services for Onboard Patrol Security (PATROL)
• Private Personnel Providing Security Services for Remittances

Subjects of the Security Personnel Training Program:
• Private security: working environment, international trends and Greek reality
• Penal Code
• Criminal Procedure
• Special criminal laws
• Introduction to security
• The profile of private security personnel
• Main duties of the personnel of a Security Services Enterprise (I.E.P.Y.A.)
• Response to incidents
• Facility security
• Equipment, means & ways of protection of the security personnel of I.E.P.Y.A.
• Protection of persons / remittances
• Fire safety / Fire protection / Dealing with technological accidents
• First aid provision

Gkolfis Asimakis, Retired Lieutenant General
Athanasatos Petros, Policeman A'
Anastasopoulos Leonidas, Greek Police Officer
Vathrakogiannis Vasileios, Officer of the Fire Brigade
Vellios Andreas, Policeman A'
Gkolfis Panagiotis, Sociologist, Scientific Associate GSEE Labour Institute
Kanelakis Petros, Rescuer - Ambulance Crew
Kanoutas Vasileios, Policeman B'
Chaidogiannos Ioannis, Head of Personnel Department of the Attica Traffic Directorate

Regarding Refreshing a License:
For professionals in the field, an auxiliary certification program is provided, at a special price, with rich educational material.